We help organizations thrive and grow through digital inclusion and purpose driven innovation

We help organizations thrive and grow through digital inclusion and purpose driven innovation


is a global advisory company working with public, private and non-profit organizations including start-ups to operationalize inclusion as a core business imperative to drive disruptive innovation.

Meet Frances West

Thinker Internationally recognized thought leader and woman in tech trailblazer offering new thinking to operationalize inclusion

Advisor Strategy for C-Suite, government, startups and venture capitalists on digital inclusion and innovation

Speaker Insightful keynote presenter known for her work globally in inclusion, emerging markets and business transformation

Doer IBM’s first Chief Accessibility Officer recognized for establishing IT accessibility standards, shaping government policies, and developing human-centric enterprise technology and solutions

Author Authentic Inclusion™ Drives Disruptive Innovation, a timely and actionable book featured at CES and SXSW

Frances West at the Wall Street Journal


Frances West’s powerful and thought-provoking keynotes frame the transformational initiatives required for the next normal. Designed for CEO’s, business and government leaders, social advocates and influencers, Frances’ keynotes illuminate your path to the new intersectional workplace reflecting parity for all people.

Sought after by Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, non-profits and start-ups, Frances West delivers virtual or on-site keynotes that influence, inspire, and impact your audience to prepare your organization for future growth. Whether keynote, townhall, or fireside chat, Frances’s presentations influence leaders, impact business and inspire transformation and are customized for live and virtual events.


Authentic Inclusion: The Strategic Business Imperative that Drives Disruptive Innovation

Learn from this Insightful talk on new perspectives that will inspire leaders to achieve disruptive innovation through authentic inclusion, offering a strategic blueprint for business to operationalize inclusion.

Why Tech Must Be Human First: The Future of Work, Society and Humanity Depends on It

Mapping out how technology’s disruptive influence affects every aspect of our daily lives, this talk analyzes why adopting a human first approach is a necessity to create new products, expand new business and acquire new talent.

Making a Difference by Being Different: My Journey from Immigrant to C-Suite

A powerful and fascinating personal story taking the audience from Frances West’s early years as a non-English speaking immigrant from Asia to the C-Suite as IBM’s first Chief Accessibility Officer. This inspiring talk describes her trailblazing woman-in-tech experiences and how she used lessons learned to nurture herself, her work and the world.

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Authentic Inclusion™ drives disruptive innovation

highlights of Frances West speaking


Where are you on your journey to scale your inclusion initiatives for sustainable impact and innovation?

We help organizations to innovate and operationalize digital inclusion authentically


Strategy Advisor
We advise clients on adopting a human-first approach to innovation through the Authentic Inclusion™ blueprint, a proven enterprise-wide strategic blueprint to scale and sustain digital inclusion.

Our C-Suite Roundtables and Workshops inspire and challenge leaders to think differently and provide a blueprint to effectively scale and sustain their inclusion initiatives and drive innovation.  We design and deliver customized roundtables and workshops that inspire new thinking and reveal how human first thinking addresses digital inclusion proactively.

We offer new ideas and perspectives using our proven Authentic Inclusion™ organizational blueprint to effectively scale and sustain your inclusion initiatives.

Three hexagons showing Frances West's services: Strategy Advisor, C-Suite Roundtable, Action Workshops



Authentic Inclusion™ Drives Disruptive Innovation is an inspirational and insightful book describing Frances West’s personal and professional journey and what led her to create the Authentic Inclusion™ blueprint. Frances proposes new ways business leaders can think about inclusion as human first and a strategic business imperative to drive disruptive innovation.

Authentic Inclusion embraces diversity – a must read by Frances West
Vint Cerf, Google Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, “Father of the Internet

Authentic Inclusion” drives home the point that “organic intelligence” cannot be left behind as we embrace an artificially intelligent future. This is the story of an Asian immigrant, a woman who rose to a C-level position at the company in the center of the machine-learning boom, only to firmly embrace and be responsible for promoting the essential human-first values of success in business.
Larry Goldberg, Head of Accessibility, Verizon Media

Given the ever-increasing pace of technology and its role in society, senior leaders in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors alike will benefit from Frances’s vast knowledge and insight to create authenticity, inclusion, and profitability in any industry.
Luis Gallegos, Ambassador of Ecuador to the United Nations, Senior Advisor to the Harvard Law School Project on Disability


Image of Authentic Inclusion Drives Disruptive Inovation Book Cover


UN on Smart Inclusion

UN on Smart Inclusion

Twelve years ago to the exact day tomorrow, I was invited to attend and speak at the UN 2006 IDPD (International Day of People with Disabilities). The theme of that year was E-Accessibility. Kofi Annan, Secretary-General at the time, said in a statement, “ Access to...



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